Saturday, 7 January 2017

Steps to Create a Power Bank for your mobile phones in your home itself

In this post we are going to see how to make a power banks for your mobile phones in your home itself.

We need following list to create Power bank.

1. LED
2. Resister
3. Water Can Caps 2
4. USB Cable
5. Battery Connector
6. 9 Volts Battery

7. Voltage Regulator 7805 IC
8. Cellotape
9. soldring machine
10 soldring element

The Final output product will be looks like this , This will charge your mobile phones.

First we have to take the Two water Can Caps and make a hole on both caps to plug in the wire for Battery Connector and for USB Cable.

Next we have to take the soldering machine to soldering the voltage regulator 7805IC with the USB cable, then we have to soldering the resister with the LED, then connect the resister another end with battery connecter like shown below, This is because to show that LED will  glow on power supply or will charging.

Next we have to check whether Battery Connector and Voltagulator are connected correctly, Now seal the two can caps with cellotape tightly, now one end will be with Battery connector , another end with USB cable .

Now we have to connect the battery with the Battery Connector, then USB cable with phone, now you can see the phone is charging in your screen.

From this post you can learn how to create a home made power bank for your mobile phones.

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