Friday, 4 November 2016

How to enable the Developer Tab in the Excelsheet and enable the Macro

In this post we are going to see how to enable the Developer Tab in the Excelsheet and enable the macro in the Excel for processing the VBA Code.

To Enable the Developr tab , please do the following steps.

1.  Right click any where on the Ribbon and click the Customize the Ribbon, this will launch a window .

2. Click the customize the Ribbon and select the Main tab in the customize the Ribbon option, then check the Developer 

3. This check option enables the Developer Tab in the Ribbon., we can find the Develop tab next to the View Tab.

4. On the Developer tab click the Insert option, where you can find many activex Controls , which is used to do the           

Enable a Macro

5. Click the Design mode button first , which is present in the developer tab.

6. Click the command button and drag it to the Excel sheet, 

7. Right click on the button and you can see many properties like View code, Edit name of the control, etc.

8. Now click on the View code which will bring the macro code for that button .

9. Type some sample code , for example here we are using the Folder browse code , Here in this sample i am creating a method named Browse and called it from inside the button handler.

10. now close the visual basic editor, and deselect the Design mode, 

11. Now click on the button, you can see the code is executed in Excel sheet, a folder browse dialog will appear in front          of you,

From this post you can learn how to enable a developer option in Excel sheet and enable a macro 

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