Sunday, 1 November 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 Memory Leak operating system consuming lot of Ram for running the applications in Operating system

               Normally when we heard about the free update of windows 10 for existing users, looks cool for us. but after upgrading it become a night mare for many users who uses this operating systems for day to day activities.Because most of the Ram is consumed by the Operating system to run the applications.

Likewise in my system also Ram usage is consumed by the operating system by huge, When just running the Two applications it took 80% of the Total Ram, These makes to stop running the Windows Phone Emulators.

After many analysis it seems that some services is keep on running in the system which increases the Ram , it may me Drivers which leak Memory or It may be a Background WinRT apps. But it tried Two Solutions which makes my system to comes back to normal usage of Ram.

Step 1: 

  •  Go to the settings.
  • Click the System
  • Navigate to the Notifications & Actions menu
  • Disable or off the show me tips about windows
  • Restart the System  

Step 2 :

  • Install the Kingsoft PC Dcotor
  • Go to the main menu and Run optimize and click Fix all
  • Select the SysBooster and run it 
  • Now the Ram consumed is release my memory

Task Manager Before the SysBooster Run

Task Manager  After the SysBooster Run

We can see the Decrease in the Ram consumption, But none of the applications are closed.

After closing two application system reduce to 33% memory consumption, but basically while load the OS it shows me 45% of Ram consumed

     SysBooster  is the key application to reduce the memory leakage, but how a third party application can able to reduce the memory consumption, with out closing any application. Memory leak in windows 10 is resolve by this application but , again the OS raises the memory consumption after sometime. 

Why Microsoft had release this kind of Memory leak operating system ?

Memory leak issue is somewhat resolve by Third party application like Kingsoft PC Doctor ...... We can wait for Microsoft patch which will patch the memory leak issue

Even in this step also there is something we need to do is we have to run the system booster every 30 minutes or later based on memory consumtion, because again system raises its consumption after sometime.But some how we can drop the memory usage to the normal level by Third party application

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