Friday, 25 July 2014

Installing the Extension in Visual studio 2013 results in The Extension Manifest in Invalid [Resolved]

In this article we are going to see some problems and there solutions, for example you may had came across a error when installing a extension in Visual studio 2013 like "Extension Manifest is Invalid".

Why this error occur ?
  This is because in your system , you may have various versions of visual studio when double click the extension it target the wrong  version , i.e you may have visual studio 2013 in ur sysetm , later you are installing Visual studio 2010 for some purpose now this causes the porblem.

To solve this problem many of them will re install the visual studio 2013, then it will  work , to avoid this we can do this simple steps.


1. Right click the extension and select Open with options.

2. In the above options select more Options to browse
3.Then scroll down to click the Look for another app in this PC to Browse 

4. Go to the Following Vs installation path 
   "{{installtion Drive}}\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Visual studio 12.0\Common 7\IDE\VSIXinstaller.exe"        to browse for vsix installer.

5.After select this you can see the icon for the Extension will change as like this 

From this article you can solve some problem in the installation of extension in the visual studio 2013.

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