Thursday, 20 February 2014

Transfer Domain name From one server to another server

Transfer Domain name from one server to another server
In this article going to see how to transfer domain name from one hosting server to another hosting server 
normally every user have many domain name for there website hosting in one server. sometime we need to change the hosting server due to some reasons , so we can do that in the following steps.

Example : 

above given domain name that will stored or located at some hosting like (,,, ,etc...........)

If you moving your Domain name from one hosting to another hosting


  hosting           Old                                New    hosting  <--  -->

first we need know detail :  Current hosting NameServer  & New hosting NameServer
  all hosting have NameServer

Example :
server                      Old                                      New    server  <---    --->

go to your old hosting sever cpanel or setting go to then
check for NameServer setting
       Then add custom NameServer of  New  hosting Nameserver.

it will take upto 72 hours to transfer to New Server

Then check whether your are Domain Name has transfer to New Server  or not by Click Here   

Otherwise use transfer domain in all hosting have but it have cost to transfer .

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