Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Make a Pendrive as Bootable Device

In this article we are going to see how to create a Bootable pendrive for Boot Windows 7 OS. Some time you were need this stuff,so note down the steps how to make a bootable pendrive for windows 7. Instead of booting Windows 7 OS from DVD we can make a boot from Pendrive. So to do this have a pendrive with or more than 4 GB

Following the Below Steps to make a pendrive bootable. Now Plugin the pendrive in your computer.

  •  Press Windows + R to get the Run (or) go to start up and type run and Enter.
  •  Now Type CMD in Run , and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  •  Next Type  DISKPART in command Window and ENTER
  •  Next Type  LISTDISK  
  • Type Select DISK 1  (Select Pendrive Disk as number )
  • Next Type CLEAN and Enter wait for few seconds.
  • Type CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY and press enter.
  • Type SELECT PARTITION 1 and Press enter.
  • Type ACTIVE and press enter
     close the window 

Now my DVD drive is D:  and Pendrive is  H: , Type the following thing in the CMD window.Now load the windows 7 dvd 

Type CD "your dvd drive letter:\" and press enter. Ex: CD D:\ in cmd window
now it seems like follows in cmd windows for my dvd drive D:\. Now cmd window rediects to D drive.

Type D:\CD BOOT press enter.

Here H: refers pendrive, now copy the full setup of windows 7 to pendrive and boot it .

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