Saturday, 6 July 2013

Windows, Mac OSx , Linux

Operating Systems of various companies written in Various Languages.
  • Windows: C++, kernel is in C , some part are in c#
  • Mac: Objective C, kernel is in C (IO PnP subsystem is Embedded C++)
  • Linux: Most things are in C, many userland apps are in Python, KDE is all C++
What is a Kernel ?
Kernel is a Computer Program which manages the input and output of a software . It is designed for Transferring a  software instructions to data instructions. This is the central core of computer operating system.
Difference between the C and Objective C:
C language is the low level language which is close to the assembly language, Objective C is the little higher layer it is superset of C. Objective C have the Object Oriented Layer in Top of C Language.
Web Hosting :
  •  The amount of resources need for Linux is less than Windows and Mac
  •  Linux can run in low end hardware.
  •  Mac and Windows need High end hardware.
Mac Hosting
  • Sofware is secured.
  • Data never be hacked.
  • Mac hosts run Apache servers similar to Linux which allows for basic web code plus software like WordPress, vBulletin, and cPanel to run smoothly.

 Linux Hosting

  • The biggest benefit to using Linux hosting opposed to Mac hosting is the cost. No,
  • you will save money.
  • High Level security.
  • Linux runs on Apache servers and can run basic web code, WordPress, forum software, etc.
Windows Hosting
  • Windows servers can run applications like WordPress and vBulletin, it will often be slow or choppy.
  • Windows hosting can run applications that use ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, or MSSQL databases.
  •  These web applications that will not run on Linux or Mac servers.