About Me

And you’re here. To get a Better understanding of the Latest technology
I will help you code even more Faster and Better
I will make you to better understanding the Core Logic of  Technology

But first, let me introduce myself properly. Hi I'm Rajesh G 

I am a Passionate Programmer, Coder, tester, writer who writes Blog, I write the DotNetVisioBlog, I discuss about the latest technologies to the passionate peoples, who believe's in the Technology

      People with Creative Minds + Crazy thoughts  = Innovation 

   I always follows the single Line in my Life,Nothing is Impossible

 When you have passion over It

 The Purpose of Life is not only the Born, Grow up, Educate,Work, marry , children, Death. 

It is entirely different,every human life in this world have these things,but it is varies only in two aspects Learn and earn.

If you earn, it doesn't mean that you will learn.

But if you Learn,the word itself contains the earn.

Earn means it is not only in the money aspects,you can earn lot of good techniques, good ways,good peoples and 

good & enjoyable life

Dream yourself what to Become, Before Doing that. because that Dream shows you the way where you have to GO.

To Contact Me , Please email : rajhseg@gmail.com

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