Saturday, 2 January 2016

LIFI WHICH CAN REPLACE WIFI WORKS FASTER UP TO 224 Gbps to create a SMART URBAN Communication network

In this post we are going to see the information about the LIFI which is consider as data transfer technology in high speed. using LIFI we can transfer the data up to 224 Gbps. 


This technology is tested in lab, which result in Data Transfer of 224 Gbps in one second, How this technology works is using the LED bulbs.


LIFI can transfer the Data through the LED lights, it is surely 100 times faster than current Speed, Rather than Radio frequency waves , LIFI uses the LED signals. LIFI is a bidirectional, high speed network. Harald Haas, who teaches at the university of Edinburgh in the UK. He is the inventor of LI-FI.

LIFI works by flashing LED lights at very high speed with the two states of ON and OFF to send the data to receiver in binary code. It is very fast version of ON and OFF state to resemble the Morse code. Light is converting in to digital code.This technology can be fit in to the Street lights to create a Urban city, where every light emission is used for Data Transfer.

Researchers have reached data rates of over 10 Gbit/s, which is much faster than typical fast broadband in 2013.
 LiFi is expected to be ten times cheaper than Wi-Fi. Short range, low reliability and high installation costs are the potential downsides.

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