Wednesday, 11 February 2015

[வாதநாராயண]delonix elata medicinal uses for arthritic disorder

In this post we can see some important medical and health tips along with some study of medicinal tree. In today condition every human have to under go some issues related to health, This is because of some side effect of food habits, activities, environment etc.Normally it will helpful for old people to relief from pain, Now we see a about delonix elata.

Image seen above is delonix elata leaves which is called as "வாதநாராயண" tree in tamil and "white gul mohur" in English.It is consider as reputed folklore remedy for arthritic disorders in many parts of India. Many old peoples can get relief from pain of arthritic using this Leaf and Bark of that tree as medicinal.

The leaf extracts are anti-inflammatory agents
Root decoction of this plant is consumed for abdominal pains
Leaves are reported to be used by traditional practitioners for inflammatory joint disorders as a folklore remedy. 

Normally now it is used in many ways s it has potential use in soil conservation, it is used for erosion control of soil.

Medical Uses:
The leaf and bark extracts of D. elata are anti-inflammatory agents; 
A root decoction is drunk for abdominal pains. 
Leaves are reported to be used by traditional practitioners in cases of inflammatory joint disorders as a folklore remedy.

How To use :
An oil from this leaves, must be mix with hot water and have to drink it (or) juice of this leaves can mix with  hot water and drink it.

Some times it makes stomach disorder, drink the curd mix with water along  with salt to stop the stomach disorder.

Repeat this drinking 5 to 6 days, but whenever taking this drinking you have to stop or avoid eating of following items : tamarind,Gingili Oil, black mustard,Fish items,chicken,spinach items, cauliflower, Mushroom.because above items can increase the opposite activity, because this items have more proteins.

Its Better to take a boiled Rice mix with hot water and drilled well to take it as Food.

Sometimes oil of this leaves given as massage over the joints can relief the pain for older people soon.

I think this post can help anyone for older age people, or for the people who are not in control of eating foods,