Sunday, 4 October 2015

Some things need to be done after installing Windows 10 operating systems in terms of privacy and data usage concern

In this post we are going to see what are the things need to be done, once installed the windows operating systems in terms of privacy and data usage concern.

Type the settings in windows, then click it.

Most of the times you may not aware about these things
1. Privacy
2. Network & Internet 
3. Updates and Security

In privacy point of view we have to give the lot of options to Of mode. 

Now click the Privacy Menu item, then change the following menu links 
Speech, inking & Typing 

In General tab change the following flags in to off, because following options will do the following things when you turned on. When you let use my  advertising ID for experience makes App to track you against this ID. 

Send Microsoft info about what you have typing , enables the service which sends the information typed by you to Microsoft. Which makes every action whatever you do in the operating system can be monitored through this service.

Turn off the Location Service,when you need it in Apps , then enable it.

Turn off the microphone service

Turn off the Speech inking & Typing .

In update point of view , we have to deeply see about what Microsoft is doing when getting updates from Microsoft.
Go back to the Settings and select the updates and security , Now Windows update screen will appear, click the advanced options.

In the Advance Options select the Notify to Schedule restart, then  un-click the Give me updates from Microsoft products and Defer upgrades, Enable update when you needed., Then click the How updates are delivered 

In this screen you have to turn of the things , If you turn on then enable the PC's on my local network, because Microsoft uses your internet to deliver the updates to your nearest person, i.e sending the required packets from nearest machine by using there internet , Like torrents

In Network and Internet , we have to change a few things in WIFI manage settings. In WIfi Sense disable or Off the all options, enable that only when required

go to Settings -> click Network & Internet, then Off the wifi and click the Manage Wi-Fi Settings , 

Here in Wifi Sense Turn off the following two options.

  1.  Connect to suggested open Hotspot.
  2. Connect to Networks shared my contacts

From this post you can see what are the things need to disable after installing windows 10.

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