Friday, 14 November 2014

Microsoft delivered a Patch for a Two decades old windows security Bug.

        Microsoft had given a patch for there customers, which consists of a patch for a security bug that exists for a two decades from the stage of when windows OS, reached the people.The Bug has been actually seen by anyone before, but now IBM research team find out the real big bug of that Microsoft products which is exists for a long term.

So What kind of Bug is this ? 
   An IBM find out a Bug earlier this year, IBM's describing this Bug has rare and unicorn-like both because it presents of all internet explorer's and windows. It is unseen for long time.

IBM team up with the Microsoft to fix, before all find it existence.This security based bug was discovered in May by IBM.

This Bug is used to remotely run a code on a computer. If a user views a malicious webpage using Internet explorer, then attackers start attacking the computer and take control the computer.

This Bug is existed in the all types of Operating systems of windows.IBM researcher Robert Freeman said in his blog post Tuesday.

Freeman is part of the IBM X-Force Research team that discovered the Bug. From the Microsoft point they had explained about this bug to the users. i.e 

A website is design to discover this Bug, This bug exploited website is visited through the IE,  then they convince the user to view the website an attacker convince user on taking action, make them to click  link in a email message , or make them to visit the website that they want to visit.

This Bug is based on IE, so the systems which uses the IE most predominantly may affect by this BUG , May be Servers, Terminal and workstations etc.

Few months back Microsoft launch the IE11 bug bounty.but now this kind of Bug makes the usage of IE in a question.

This Bug is fixed along with  others and released there patch in Tuesday earlier this Week. this Patch will install automatically for the users who make automatic updates enabled.

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