Saturday, 17 May 2014

Difference between the ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net WebForm

     In this article we are going to see the difference between the MVC and Webform, Most of the time many have clarifications on basic things but when try to really find the difference it is hard for them to tell all the things. MVC is a template which follows the MVC format. Ok, Let we see the difference.


  1. This follows the MVC pattern model (model, view, controller)
  2. View are loosely coupled, view and logic are kept separately
  3. Have partial views to make a commonly reused code separately.
  4. No state management techniques
  5. Route based url, url are mapped in to controllers and there actions instead of file.
  6. Not based on Physical file redirecting.
  7. Have Layout to have consistent look and feel.

ASP.Net Web form:

  1. This follows the Event based model 
  2. aspx page is tightly coupled with the code behind aspx.cs
  3. Have the User control for have commonly reused code.
  4. Have state management like session and View state
  5. Filename must be mention in the Url for mapping the physical file for request.
  6. Based on physical file redirecting.
  7. Have master pages to have consistent look and feel

From this article you can learn the difference between the ASP.NET MVC and Webform.

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