Sunday, 2 February 2014

F# - Language

In this article we are going to see the detailed information and description of F# Language , F# means F-Sharp, It's a functional Programming  language.

What is a Functional Programming ?
   Functional Programming considers the all programs as a collection of functions.Functions in a functional programming are very much like a mathematical they do not change the state of a program, Because it doesn't alter the value of a parameters, results are return to a new value.
  If once the value is assigned to a variable ,it allocates the value in the memory and it doesn't change that.For create a new results it copy the values and change the copied value and given result back.

Functional programming provides a solutions for computing problems, its recursive nature give solution for many common tasks.but functional programming is a Stateless.

Functional programming treats the function itself as a values and pass it as parameters to another functions.

F# :-

F# is a combination of  functional programming and Object Oriented in a same program.F# is a strongly typed and but also uses inferred typed. so there is no need to specify the type explicitly.It is modeled on Objective Caml.

F# is seamlessly integrated with the .Net Framework.It can produces the exe for any Common Language Infrastructure.It also run on any environment that have CLI, F# Can run on Windows, Linux, Apple as well as Google Android OS.

F# was implemented by Don Syme at Microsoft Research (MSR) in cambridge. The project has now been embrassed by Microsoft Corporate in Redmond.

From this post you can understand what is F# Language from where it is created and for what purpose.

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