Thursday, 12 December 2013

FTP - 421 , Clear text sessions are not accepted on this server [Resolved]

      Hi Guys , In this article we are going to see some ftp issue and the resolution for that. you will faced this issue once a time while working in the FTP. While connecting a FTP Server from you will see a Error message like

421 - Clear text session are not accepted on this server

How to solve this issue Let we see now ?
 Just add ftpes in front of your domain server thats it ex: "ftpes://" This will resolve the issue


In Old Server : 
server :
username : user
password : xxxx

In New Server:

server : ftpes://
username : user
password : xxxx

Please check that TLS Encryption support is set to Optional in FTP Service Configuration.I Hope this article will help some of them to do there work in quick manner.

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