Saturday, 20 July 2013

Convert Sybase Db version 9 to Sybase 12

This article discuss about Rebuild a version 9 or earlier database from Sybase Central.You can use the dbunload utility to do this.

Note : 
1. In sybase 12 version password is case sensitive
2. Default page size of 12 version DB is 4096 bytes.If older version uses un-supported page size it can be         changed using dbinit -p or dbunload -ap to specify a different page size
3. database file size is smaller in rebuilded new DB after the process of unloading and reloading the pld .
4. Collations  Older version uses SACA collations, 12 version uses 2 collations SACA and UCA

Using Sybase Central Rebuild Database 

1.   Click Start -> Programs -> Sql Anywhere 12 ->Administration tools -> Sybase central
2.   Select Tools -> Sql AnyWhere 12 -> Unload Database
3.   Read the introductory page of Wizard
4.   Click the Next in Wizard.
5.   Select Unload A Database Running  On An Earlier Version of the Server, Or a Database That is not               running.
6.   Enter the Connection Information of the Database Then Click Next .
7.   Select Unload and Reload into a New Database.Then Click Next.
8.   Specify the New Database Name ,Click Next.(Choose Page Size)
9.   Select the Unload structure and Data , Click Next
10. Specify that you want to connect database after rebuild is complete.
11. Click Finish.